Trend Micro Bolsters Enterprise Data Protection


5 Aug 2011
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Trend Micro has launched new software versions for its enterprise data protection software portfolio to offer an integrated data protection for messaging and collaboration systems.

“2011 has been the year of phishing attacks, as proven by the high-profile entry point for attacks at RSA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and International Monetary Fund,” said John Maddison, Executive GM, Data Center Business Unit, Trend Micro. “Targeted phishing emails often do not resemble spam and typically contain social engineering that entices an unsuspecting user to click on a link to a website where malware will be silently downloaded. Trend Micro messaging security solutions can block these emails by checking the reputation of URL’s embedded inside emails before they reach users.”

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (SMEX) 10.2 is a mail-server-based security product with a web reputation service to block email containing malicious URLs in addition to scanning for content and viruses. PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint 2.1 is a security solution that protects SharePoint as a social collaboration tool, in addition to a file-sharing tool. It blocks embedded links, scans content blogs, wikis, discussion forums, and controls private information for compliance and risk management. InterScan Messaging Security 8.2 helps enterprise IT professionals deal with their growing regulatory compliance and data protection challenges. The Trend Micro Data Privacy and Email Encryption module filters emails with DLP content rules and validators, and also encrypts the emails. It includes a hybrid SaaS pre-filter that blocks unwanted spam before it reaches the customer’s networks.

“Both ScanMail and InterScan Messaging Security now have an option for our second-generation DLP Lite, featuring compliance templates including HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, SB-1386, US-PII as well as over 40 regional identifiers to create custom templates,” said Chris Taylor, Director - Product Marketing, Trend Micro.

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