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Good News To limit data mining by Reliance Jio, Hyderabad based software body develops add-on extension


23 Aug 2018
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For Indian users concerned about privacy, the Hyderabad based Free Software Movement of India (FSMI) has come with a web browser extension that can prevent the user’s activities being tracked by Reliance Jio which has 36.43 crore users in India. The developer for the extension says that Reliance Jio like many other Internet giants often collected user data for their own purposes and that the extension only puts a limit on the data being mined by the firm.

The browser extension called "Reliance Jio container" is an add-on extension specifically for Mozilla Firefox web browser. The Reliance Jio Container only leverages the Containers feature that is already built into the Firefox browser.

To limit data mining by Jio, Hyd software body develops add-on browser extension
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