tips for making a strong password


7 Apr 2011
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1. Include both uppercase and lowercase letters in random places. Example: Instead of fishyfish, type fiShyfIsH or something similar.

2. Include numbers. This is very important, as with a password containing numbers, it is a LOT harder for a hacker to guess it. To make it easier to remember, you can use your birth date or age, but put the numbers in random places! Example: fiSh8yfIsH3

3. Include spaces and symbols. This can make the password harder to remember, but also helps to decrease chances of it being found out. Example f_iSh8yfis@H3 (Note that at this stage it is virtually impossible to GUESS the password. Hacking tools will be needed.)

4. Another good way to create a memorable, but quite strong password, is to mix two random words such as dog and plane -> doplagne

By adding all the things above, this can be a great password.

5. Never, ever use a same password for several things. If one database is hacked, then your other(s) will be gone as well. A great way to keep all those passwords is to get a Password Manager program and assign one password to access all of the others.
After following all above, be ready to click Forgot Password? link asap. :D

Though its must for online hacking control. :clapsmiley:
Do write down your strong password in a piece of paper and put it in some secure location like Bank's Locker. :thinking:
Bank locker ?Crazy .

So everytime when you need password, go to locker and see the password ?
kramkumar said:
Bank locker ?Crazy .

So everytime when you need password, go to locker and see the password ?

I said in case you forgot........:D

But yes Bank's locker is too much.... Put it in some safe place though..:D
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