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Sad News Swine Flu outbreak in Assam


23 Aug 2018
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GUWAHATI, APRIL 28, 2020: Assam Agriculture Minister Atul Bora on April 28 said that doctors suspect that a large number of pigs in the state could be suffering from the African Swine Fever. He further said that experts suspect that the infection might have crossed the border from China or Tibet.

Addressing mediapersons here today, Bora said that this particular disease was first reported in 1921 in Africa. “It has also been reported in China. In Arunachal, it began. After the pigs died in that state, the corpses were dumped in the rivers from where the infection has probably come to Assam”, Bora said, adding that there is reason to believe that the pigs could possibly have picked up the virus Tibet/China. China, Bora said, has also reported several cases.

'African Swine Fever' that came from China afflicting Pigs in Assam? - InsideNE
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