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Satyagraha-strongest weapon against govt; Ramdev joins march

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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New Delhi, May 5: In Indian history, Satyagraha has always been associated with the freedom struggle of Mahatma Gandhi. Recently, the country has witnessed another silent but the strongest battle in the form of "fast-unto-death" held by Gandhian crusader - Anna Hazare. While Bapu's satyagraha was meant to get freedom from the British, Anna's struggle attempted to get freedom from the corruption inside the nation.

Now, another big name is going to be added in the list which is expected to enhance the jittery of the government. Yoga guru Ramdev Baba announced that he will begin his satyagraha from Jun 4 in New Delhi. Ramdev claimed that he is determined to see his demands met "whether I live or not."

Ramdev is going to hold "fast-unto-death" protest against the corruption ridden government and country. His struggle will target the corrupted bureaucrats and powerful Babus.

His main motive behind the protest is - government's declaration of what he said is Rs 400 lakh crore of black money allegedly stashed away as national wealth that must be brought back to India.

Distinguishing his struggle with Anna Hazare, the yoga guru's spokesperson stated, "The schedule of our anti-corruption crusade was announced in Sep 2010. And, our stand remains the same. We were among the founder members of India Against Corruption, and our goal remains the same. But Lokpal bill, which Hazareji chose to focus, is just one step. There are a lot of other issues which Swamiji (Baba Ramdev) wants to highlight through the satyagraha."

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