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Discussion Samsung Isocell GN2


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20 Jul 2014
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  • Samsung has announced the 50MP Isocell GN2 camera sensor.
  • It offers bigger pixels and a larger sensor size than its predecessor.
  • The new sensor is currently in mass production.
Samsung announced the 50MP Isocell GN1last year, making for a departure from its 108MP sensors. The GN1’s lower resolution was off-set by its much bigger pixels, enabling significant improvements for low-light capture on paper.

Now, Samsung has announced a successor to the Isocell GN1, called the Isocell GN2. This is a 50MP sensor as well, but it offers a larger sensor size (1/1.12-inch) and bigger pixels (1.4 microns) than its predecessor. The pixel size in particular is notable, as this is the same size as the IMX363 sensor used in most of Google’s Pixel phones.

Samsung Isocell GN2 announced: What the Pixel 6 should be using?
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