route finder in tata docomo


2 May 2011
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Subscribers can access this service by simply sending an SMS to number 533331 with the required destination address. The service then uses the location from which the SMS was sent, and the provided destination address, to provide a mapped image of the route to the requested destination in the form of a WAP link. If the mobile phone does not support data, the directions will be sent in the form of SMS. It must be noted that a result requiring more than 7 SMS will result in a failure response.

The service is available at Rs.5 per SMS request, and the subscriber will not be charged for failure response. Data transfer charges are not applicable for this service.

Aircel had introduced such a service called PocketFinder, which is a location-based service, in March this year, in a tie-up with MapMyIndia. The difference is that it requires a GPRS-enabled device, and therefore data charges are applicable. Similarly, RouteGuru was another location-based service, providing text-based directions using landmarks, but it seems to have shut down.

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