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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook to be launched on April 10th?

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook has the QNX-based OS and the professional allure to turn some eyes, but
up until now we had no specifics about the 7-inch
tablet's release date. Not any more – various sources quoted by BGR claim that the PlayBook will
hit retail stores' shelves on April 10th, while PlayBook OS will reach a release candidate stage on
March 31st. The QNX-based platform looks great,
but some proximity to HP/Palm's webOS could be
noticed and accusations of “ uncanny similarities” have started flying recently. The PlayBook tablet, however, will probably get
significant carrier support in the States as it is coming out in different flavors, compatible with all of the major carriers' high speed 4G networks. And
with an April launch, this might heat up the tablet
space even more. But before that there is one iPad
2 waiting to be unveiled, so let's wait up and see
what Apple has in store.

source: BGR
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