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Seeking Help Regarding Mi India delaying to process my refund


7 Jun 2021
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I purchased ravely reviewed Redmi note 10 pro from Mi.com on 5/5/21 via cash on delivery, later got issues with it (overheating, screen flickering, battery drain issue, screen pink tint) so requested replacement on 11/5/21 and it was delayed but after a lot of struggle, eventually got accepted and my phone was picked up from me on 24/5/21.
I didn't know this wil be day i will see my phone for the very last time!
Later on 2/6/21 replacement delivery got cancelled automatically and refund initiated.
STILL HASN'T RECEIVED MY REFUND YET!!! For over a month I've been struggling to get this resolved.

My struggle started on 24/05/2021and going on to this day... All your customer support does is to ask me to wait wait WAIT!!!

All i ask is if you can give me my replacement device, I'm happy to accept it or atleast GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK,
And for your information the device hasn't even dispatched yet when it got cancled but they still saying "return in processing", i mean it's in your warehouse only!!!

Please never buy anything from mistore or mi.com go for amazon or any other e-commerce brands who are good in this!

I looking for any help can get in this matter, what can i do from my end? I'm tired of reaching out to their useless customer support!


23 Feb 2018
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Make a consumer complaint in the following 2 websites. Then let mi.com know that you have registered these complaints against them. It might help speed up the refund process.

1) Government Website

Create an account in the above website, or use their app to create an account. Then you can register a complaint (grievance).

For your issue, Select Industry as E-Commerce and Category as Online Shopping. Then, you can select Xiaomi as the company.

2) Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

This is a private website, but could be somewhat effective based on your luck. Representatives for almost all major commerce companies are registered in this website. So once you make a complaint, this website might ask them to respond to your issue.

Good luck.


19 Mar 2018
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Better if you could post it on twitter and tag it to MI fellow head Some Jain guy.. Am sure it will roll on a bit faster.
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