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6 Jan 2022
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It's 5G only or 4G is separate phone?
It's 4G+5G phone. It has 10 bands of 5G support. All bands in India are covered except for mmWave and 600Mhz. 600Mhz name is not even decided. These two bands will take time to launch in India. Nobody is going to buy much spectrum in this auction except Jio. So focus on 4G/4G+. This phone till now according to my testing supports 3CA on Jio and Vi in Maharashtra circle. 1-3-8/1-3-40 on Vi and 3-5-40 on Jio is supported. This is maximum stable CA you can get in India currently. 4CA is available but mostly its unstable. So 3CA phone is good enough for next two years. I hope all the operators bolster their spectrum in 4G bands instead of going to 5G bands. 4G bands spectrum should get sold this auction. So this is covered in this phone. Jio might buy band 3/5 spectrum in upcoming auction to give better results on 4G itself.
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