2 May 2011
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Smartphones are called so, because unlike their simpler counterparts, they allow you to install applications that expand the functionality of the handset and allow you to switch seamlessly between them just as you would on a PC. Smartphones were primarily premium handsets because they contained high performance hardware that made it difficult to price them lower. Recently, however, manufacturers are coming up with cheaper smartphones, aided by free open source operating systems such as Android which can run on a variety of hardware. These phones often stretch the definition of the term 'smartphone' and makes one wonder whether simply having the features is enough or is the device also defined by the way the it performs.

Today we are reviewing one such phone from Samsung - the Galaxy Fit S5670. It might seem like one of Samsung's many low-end touchscreen phones, but this one is running Android. We'll find out if it is worthy of the title smartphone or is it just trying ride the Android juggernaut.


* Galaxy Fit S5670
* Battery
* Charger
* Stereo headset
* Data cable
* 2GB microSD card
* Software CD
* User guide
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