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Ola Money launches chatbot for Facebook Messenger, here’s how to use it


21 Jun 2013
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Since demonetization, everything has been about mobile wallets, digital payments and e-transactions. And why not, demonetization is one big step our nation has leaped towards Digital India. Consequently, with the instantaneous dependence on mobile wallets, every service provider has now joined the race to offer something more than their competitors. In that race, Ola has added a new feature to its mobile wallet ‘Ola Money’ to make it more accessible to people. Ola has introduced a chatbot for Facebook Messenger letting, you access your mobile wallet right within the messaging app.

Essentially, the Ola Money chatbot eradicates the need for a user to install the Ola Money app on their smartphone. Also, the chatbot enables a faster access to the wallet, with the bot anticipating your needs and prompting every option right there. It lets you check your Ola Money balance, send or add money, right there. Here’s how this messenger bot works.

Launch the Messenger app, search Ola Money, and choose ‘Get Started’, the chatbot will throw some customary welcoming messages at you, including a link to their support team email id, and then it will ask you if you are a registered user with Ola Money. If you have, it will ask you for your registered mobile number, on to which a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent, which you will have to feed in on the bot as well.

Once you have done that, you will get access to your wallet. You can choose to send money, which will again ask you to put in the number to which you want to send the money. It also gives you an option to add money. Additionally, the third option it prompts you with is ‘Latest Offers’. It will give you the latest coupons and offers that it has for transactions via the wallet.

However, if you are not a registered Ola Money user, the bot will ask you to download the
Olacabs app. Weirdly enough it doesn’t push you for the Ola Money app. Naturally, asking you to download the Olacabs will have you using not only Ola’s wallet service, but since you’d have the Olacab app on your phone, it will also have you consider using their service if you haven’t been using it already.

Also, if you are wondering, we did try booking a cab through the chatbot, it doesn’t let you do that, yet. However, Ola has said that it will soon be rolling out some more features to the bot, including ride booking, mobile recharges, bill payments and bank withdrawals.

Hence, for existing users, the chatbot makes sense. But then again for people who are already using Olacabs app, they wouldn’t have the Ola Money app, since the former lets you access the wallet right from the app. And the ones who are not registered, will be forced to download the Olacabs app, so if they don’t use the Ola cab service, why would they want that on their phones. So, how we see it, the wallet chatbot aims at a very niche audience.

Ola Money launches chatbot for Facebook Messenger, here’s how it use it
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