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Nokia is Planning to Launch 12 New Smart Phones within this year


7 Apr 2011
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The finnish manufacturer and the India's lead mobile phone marketer Nokia is planning to launch 40
new phones in India this year.
To our surprise among these 14 phones, 12 are smart phones. Nokia ’s market share in the smart phone category is
falling due to the entry of
new Android phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG ,ofcourse our Indian
competitors like MicroMax,Spice, Intex,
Lava etc. in the low-end
mobile space that gives Nokia hard time. Nokia launches 40 phones on an average each year but not many of them
are smart phones. To get back its smart phone
market back Nokia plans to launch 12 new smart phones within this year. Among these some are Windows 7 phones. These phones will launch in India simultaneously
with the worldwide launch. The features,price range of these phones are unknown for now.

Will Nokia able to re-conquer its Top market share !
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