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Nestle admits 60% of its products are unhealthy


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6 May 2012
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Swiss FMCG major Nestle SA said it is looking across its entire portfolio to increase the nutrient profile of its products, following international media reports that 60 percent of the company's mainstream food and drinks portfolio failed to meet a "recognised definition of health" and nutrition. Nestle is working on a company-wide project to update its nutrition and health strategy. It is looking at its entire portfolio to ensure that its products are helping meet its nutritional needs and supporting a balanced diet, a Nestle SA spokesperson said.

"Within its overall food and drink portfolio, about 70 percent of Nestle's food products failed to meet that threshold, the presentation said, along with 96 percent of beverages -- excluding pure coffee -- and 99 percent of Nestle's confectionery and ice cream portfolio," the media report noted.

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