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Minecraft Earth is shutting down on June 30, 2021


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27 Oct 2016
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Minecraft Earth coming to an end
On June 30, we will discontinue all content and service support for the game. This means that we will stop all development, and after that date, you will be unable to download or play Minecraft Earth anymore. On July 1, we will delete any Minecraft Earth player data unrelated to Character Creator and Minecoin entitlements.
All players with paid ruby balances will be granted Minecoins, which you can use on the Minecraft Marketplace to purchase skin and texture packs, maps, and even minigames. Plus, if you’ve ever made a purchase in Minecraft Earth, you will receive a free copy of Minecraft (Bedrock version) on their mobile platform

Mojang has released a final update on January 5th that includes new content, including nine new mobs, faster crafting and smelting items, low-cost buildplates, and final super season with six exclusive character customization.

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