Microsoft to bring Cortana to Android’s lock screen


21 Jun 2013
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What do you do if your product appears to lose in front of the competition? If the current technology trend is anything to go by, you embrace the rivals. After bringing its voice-controlled digital assistant Cortana to Android, Microsoft is now reportedly aiming to dethrone the native Google Now assistant as the company is looking at ways to make Cortana accessible right from the lock screen.

With the new update, you can enable ‘Cortana on lock screen’ and click on ‘Add Cortana to my lock screen.’ You will also be able to see the Cortana logo near the bottom of the lock screen. Once you swipe the logo left or right, the Cortana panel will open, similar to how the basic lock screen works with the camera shortcut. Now, from the Cortana panel, you can get the updates and also give Cortana virtual commands.

What Microsoft is trying to achieve with Cortana is to make it easy to access with a simple swipe. It is a new feature that doesn’t actually replace the existing lock screen, but offers users an option to tweak the lock screen experience with Cortana. According to a report on MSPoweruser, the new feature is currently in beta and users who wish to experiment with it can get their hands on the update by opting for a trial at the Google Play Store. Wider release of the update is expected in the coming weeks.

At present, if you are an Android user and want Cortana’s help in looking up for information online or simply have the assistant to crack up a joke, then you need to download it from the Play Store and launch it separately. The app further works as a companion to the Cortana on your Windows 10 PC. In contrast, Google Now is independent of your PC. It is worth mentioning that you can access Google Now on Android smartphones by long pressing the home button. You also get hands free activation by saying ‘OK Google’ command.

In a recent update, Microsoft overhauled the interface of Cortana app for Android and iOS. The new design consists of quick actions including reminders or weather information straight on the landing page of the app, saving on the extra effort of asking the app to tell you what’s new. It has also added full-page answers.

Microsoft to bring Cortana to Android’s lock screen
D. J. Das. said:
From when available it on Play Store??

Install an older version from apk mirror, then you can install the latest version using play store..

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