Microsoft Pushes 25,000 Windows Phone 7 Apps


2 May 2011
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51% of the apps are free, while $1.48 is the average price paid per app.

The Windows Phone Marketplace has just reached the 25,000 application mark. This figure comes from Windows Phone Applist, which has been tracking these many apps in the US marketplace. However, this announcement is obviously unofficial, as Microsoft hasn't acknowledged or issued any release to that effect. Another marketplace tracker WP7applist has some interesting figures. According to the tracker, $1.48 is the average price WP users pay per application, while 51% of the apps are free. This feat come less than a year after the launch of the platform.

While the number of apps may pale in comparison to that of the Apple App Store, Microsoft has been strict with its Marketplace approval policy to ensure quality over quantity. Apple has been criticised in the past for allowing so called 'bulk apps', which is the appstore equivalent of 9999-in-1 videogame cartridges - multitude of similar apps from the same developer. It's no wonder that the iPad recently breached the 100,000 app mark. The deal with Nokia may also spur more user interest in the WP platform. A positive attitude towards the homebrew community and jailbreaking helps too.

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