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Microsoft Cortana can now talk to other Windows 10 device, share battery info


21 Jun 2013
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A feature that has long been in the works is finally rolling out to Windows 10 mobile devices (build 14291 and 14295). The feature in question lets Cortana tell you if other connected devices are running low on battery, if you missed a text and even sends app notifications.

The builds are only available to members of the Microsoft Insider Program on both mobile and desktop, but it’s nice to see some useful features finally trickling out. While nowhere near as useful as continuity on iOS and OS X, having Cortana talk to other devices is, if nothing else, the first step toward a more cohesive and responsive platform.

The feature must be explicitly enabled in Cortana’s settings menu, where you need to enable the “Send phone notifications” feature. Considering that Cortana is set to make a splash on Xbox One as well, this will be a very useful to monitor your devices while gaming or working or doing just about anything else.

Continuity for iOS and Mac let’s you take calls, answer messages and deal with notifications no matter what device you’re on. Hopefully, we’ll see that functionality integrated into Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile over the coming months.

Microsoft's Cortana can now talk to other Windows 10 devices, share battery info and notifications Tech2 Mobile
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