Mark Zuckerberg on Google+?


2 May 2011
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uess who just friended Google's new social network? Looks like Mark Zuckerberg wants to check out the competition.

CNET identified three profiles with Zuckerberg's name. One was Fake Zuckerberg and the other two said Mark Zuckerberg. Which of these is real - if any at all - is anybody's guess, as Google has said it doesn't authenticate user names.

So far, there's just one profile with Mark Zuckerberg's photo as the display picture and he looks faintly disgruntled in it. There is no activity on his profile, nor have any images been uploaded. As of writing this article, this Mark Zuckerberg had 22 people in his "Circle" and 2994 people have added him to their "Circles".

Circles are Google+'s way of segregating your friends into groups and users can also create custom Circles.

Google+ is available to a select few users as of now and Google hasn't announced a public release date for its social networking venture. But we're guessing Zuckerberg, if it is truly him, had no problem getting himself an invite.

Real Zuckerberg or no, this we know for certain - the first shot's been fired in the war of the social networks.

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