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Make ur old Router & Modem as Home WIFI Repeater/ Extender


30 Apr 2011
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Now a days there is a need of wifi repeaters or extenders in houses mostly....Many r buying them by paying lot of money.. if u have an old router or landline modem (repeater option should be in the modem) it's very easy to setup...
I have made my old router and another landline modem...
Steps I did ...
1st reset ur router/modem > connect it's wifi to ur mobile > login to router/ modem > select wireless from network settings > select Repeater > disable /click to disable DHCP > click "site survey"> wait until it detects ur main wifi > select that wifi > click next > enter password of main wifi and click OK > click finish in the next page ....The router will reboot and all is done...The speed in extender maybe slow compared to main speed...

Two there qualified guys tried and used YouTube but didn't succeed..Those r very complicated settings..I have done it in simple method...

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