Make ur number unreachable !!!!!!!


2 May 2011
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Want to make ur number unreachable ???? :D

Go to Call settings and choose "Call divert" option.

Select : "To other number"

Enter your own number without last digit ! and save it.

Now call to ur number from other mobile and listen what the operator saying :D :D

To cancel this : Choose Cancel all diverts or Cancel / Deactivate all diverts etc from the Call settings menu. :p
hehehe...... :D

good trick......

I use this trick when needed :p
I Barred My incoming Call many Time By this ...
u can also Barred incoming ..Try this..
Save in Contact by name i barred **21*8890347958#
After Call this number Your number show " incoming not available in this number"

Save another contact i open "##002#
Call thios when u open incoming
AsitPaul said:
If some one calls you during divert mode, then you will also charged.

No brother , Charges Applicable When anyone Attend Your Divert call, In above Case No any attend your Call like not reachable Or Not incoming.
Exactly, you would be charged one rupee, only when someone picks up your calls, in the given number. But since the no is not valid, no charged ;)
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