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8 Apr 2011
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Note::: This article for Linux newbie...
Here is how you can install Linux operating system without disturbing your windows OS.

1) Boot windows and check for free partition space of about 10GB.
You can do it by START->Administrative Tools ->Computer Management -> Disk Management
Now check for free space.
If you have used full disk for your windows partition like C:, D: , E: etc. Then you have to free one partition. for example if your windows is installed in C: drive then you can move all data of e: drive to d: drive. Then remove e: drive using disk management.

So now you have one >10 GB free partition.

2) Reboot from linux install DVD.
Rest tomorrow....
Ok dear I am continuing......
3) In disk partitioning setup you will be prompted to select type of installation
Select "use free space option"

4) In boot loader configuration select the preferred(default) operation system (mostly windows).
also check.

So follow rest of the process and select desired packages etc.
After installation is complete reboot the system and voila you can now boot two different os from same pc..... :wlcm
Today I may (based upon response) post in-depth about the BOOT-process of Linux Operating System. :)
Believe me guys its very interesting and useful to understand & also to repair Linux OS related problem.
I learnt this from internet & will share my knowledge with you all.

So if you guys out there actually want to learn it do post here..... :)

Use the POLL option......:eek:hya
Thanks SS for info.

Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users.
It can install and uninstall Ubuntu in the same way as any other Windows application.
It's simple and safe.
wubi means windows-ubuntu boot installer
no os installing knowledge require in this and you can uninstall it any time as an program in windows :)
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