LG Optimus 3D P920 smartphone: Exclusive first look


5 Aug 2011
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Love it or hate it, the fact is you cannot ignore it. We are talking about 3D technology! After televisions and laptops, the 3D goodness (or the headache waiting to happen, some would say) has arrived on the smartphones as well. What do we think of it? Well, we shall reveal that in great detail in the complete review very soon. For the moment, here is the first impression of the LG Optimus 3D. And yes, there are a lot of pics as well!
1. This one is big! The 4.3-inch display comfortably fills up the space in the hand, while the 3D goodness (dual cameras- we are coming to that) ensures that its slightly on the heavier side too- just under 170 grams. This one isn't winning any slimness competitions either, but the build is quite solid.
2. The display does rightly get a lot of attention. The 480x800 pixel resolution, vivid colours, adequate sharpness and quite bright as well.
3. All the 3D content is handled very well. However, any closer than 15 inches from the eyes, and the 3D videos seem overwhelming for the eyes. Lot of preloaded 3D content to immediately check out, including games like Asphalt 6 and Lets Golf 2.
4. This is glassless 3D by the way, auto-stereoscopic in other words. While the cynics will brush aside this 3D type, this one makes a lot more sense in a smartphone.
5. Optimus 3D’s power package is quite impressive – ARM A9 1GHz dual core processor and PowerVR SGX540 graphics. However, we are slightly unsure about the “dual-channel” 512MB RAM on board and definitely not impressed with the fact that this is still stuck on Android 2.2!
6. 8GB on board storage, along with a microSD slot up to 32GB. Space shouldn’t be a problem – enough space for music, movies, documents and even p**n (if you may!).
7. Dual 5MP cameras on the rear panel for 3D images. Open the camera application and easily change between 2D and 3D modes. Both cameras kick in when 3D images are clicked.
From the little time we have spent using it, we feel that the 3D and smartphone combo is gelling in well. While this will appeal to only a limited demographic, the fact that the Optimus 3D may well be in the pole position, in case this trend becomes a rage.

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