LG 42LE4600 Jazz LED Review

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3 Nov 2010
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When LG first introduced the Jazz series LCD TV, it was clearly the best sounding LCD TV we had come across by miles. Although the sliding speakers were a bit gimmicky it was able to deliver the goods. Then later LG tried to rekindle the Jazz series with the Jazz Theater which boasted of nine speakers scattered across the rear. Amazingly, it sounded better than the older Jazz, the bass was a lot more pronounced and the highs and mids were clear with enough volume to easily fill a large hall in your home. It looked the part as well with cool LED lights on either sides of the TV.

Today, with all the LED hype that's around, first time buyers generally won't look at anything that's non-LED and in a way that's a smart thing too since the advantages of LED are pretty clear. The only way for LG to spruce new life into their older models is to infuse them with the LED tag and that's exactly what they've done to the Jazz. Today we have the 42LE4600 which is a 42-incher LED version of the Jazz series.


The exterior has gone through a makeover once again and this time LG has gone with a more contemporary design unlike the in-your-face look of the Jazz Theatre. This is not a bad thing, as the new design looks equally good with a glossy black bezel and red bit at the bottom. The backlighting is Edge LED and the panel is an IPS type, which means very good colors and viewing angles. The panel has a matt finish and isn't protected by any glass covering. The speakers are placed at the bottom of the TV and face downward, so they use the surface to disperse sound more evenly. Other features include 100Hz refresh rate, DivX HD Plus through USB and four speakers (10W RMS x2, 13W RMS x 2) plus a sub woofer hidden in the stand.

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LG has priced the Jazz LED 42LE4600 at an MRP of Rs. 83,990 while the street price should be closer to Rs. 77,000. We feel this is still a bit expensive and needs to drop to around 55-60K for it to be considered a good buy. The LE4600 is a very good TV as far as picture quality is concerned. The lack of the glass covering on the panel makes the colors pop a little less, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

DivX HD playback is certainly a big feather in LG’s hat and we are glad to see that feature being implemented in their lower end TVs as well. Finally coming to the sound, which is the whole showcase of the Jazz series, it’s certainly better than most TVs in the market but sadly is not as great as their earlier Jazz Theatre series.

The sound is loud and clear for the most part but there is some amount of noticeable distortion when there is a heavy use of lower frequencies. With its current pricing, it’s a bit on the expensive side considering it doesn’t have any DLNA feature. It would be a good buy for around 55-60K.
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