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Learn about the ways to do safe banking online

21 Jun 2013
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These are the ways following which you can do online banking safely.

1. Strong passwords

Your password plays the most important role here. It’s through your password that you can access the funds in your account. Therefore, it becomes important for you to use extra strong security passwords. Your password must include combination of alphabets and letters. Also, you write down your password in a secure place, so that it’s not accessible to anyone easily. Experts advise not to share your account data on web or social networking site with unknown people. You are also advised not to use internet cafes for performing online transactions or internet banking. There is a greater chance of potential data theft at these places.

2. Careful With Mobile Banking

As mobile banking is catching craze in the country, an increased number of people are taking to it enthusiastically. It’s important, you use mobile banking facility carefully, and lock your phone when it’s not in use. This can help you in restricting unauthorized user access to your banking account.

3. Phishing

Recently, RBI released a press release stating that an email is doing rounds in the country in its name, promising monetary returns at some initial cost and hence, must be ignored. There are others congratulating you winning a prize in a competition you participated in, that you can’t recollect at all. Similarly, there must be various emails appearing on your email ids on regular basis promising attractive deals, which seem impossible at the first look. You must not click on any link and enter your security details. On closer look, you will find these unsolicited mails carrying various spelling mistakes too.

4. Update Your Details

In case your mobile number and residential address changes, you must update it in your bank records. It’s important as information of any debit to your account is sent by banks to their customers in form of SMS alerts.

Learn about the ways to do safe banking online | Zee News
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