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31 Oct 2014
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It's all happened when current DMK government started referring Union Government instead of Central Government.

As we all know as per indian constitution Article 1 india is called as Union of States..

So, I don't find anything wrong by referring Union Government.

But for union government calling them as Union is somewhat felt humiliated by because when we call as Union it feels like states have more power and centre is a weaker institution.

Due to this, last week, in one of the daily tamil newspaper, news published regarding carving of Tamilnadu Western area into Union Territoryb and name it as Kongu Nadu(ancient name for the Western part of Tamilnadu)

From then on, debates happening all around Tamilnadu where we get almost equal support to create Kongu Naadu.

AFAIK, their is both mertis and demerits..But I feel their is more demerits than merits.

So, I am opposing this idea of carving Tamilnadu.

If it is carved, then other region people will also demand new states or UT like Thondai Nadu, Chozha Vala Nadu, Pandiya Naadu.
The news related to this was going on from last year 2020 for TN election 2021. the local small parties want to create a separate stat so that they could form a state govt. there even opposition party might win.

frankly it wont be any beneficial for the people, the moment new state if hypothetically is formed they'll fight for money and there would be further fight for water which we are unable to reduce water fights, even with stable govt in neighbour states in kerala , pondicherry and karnataka, TN, telangana and Andhrapradesh .

mostly new formed state govt would more likely try to gain more money etc - people wont have any benefits with further division - to reduce fight TN state did further divided districts which they could further divide for better administration needed example now have 37 districts.

ther are other region and state in india which are demanding for separate state as their region nt developed or for language bais. vidarbha wants to be separate from maharashtra, saurashtra from gujrat , bodoland, tulu , and there is demand for uttar pradesh to be divided to two or three states harit pradesh and puvanchal etc if all demands of separate states are accepted India would end up having more than or equal to 50 states.

instead would be better if centre gives recognition other indian languages spoken by small % of people including - ladakhi , tulu and others. etc to protect the culture and heritage of the language
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