Intex introduces Mini Home Cinema


22 Mar 2011
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Intex has launched a Mini Home Cinema, a high definition media player which allows user to connect the digital storage devices such as USBs, hard drives, flash drives and memory cards to the television sets. It has the versatility to play almost all kinds of video and audio formats.


This new product makes a boon for the consumers whose TVs do not support all formats and input sources like HDMI, SD Card.

The user interface is extremely simple and can be easily managed by a remote control. Its ultra compact design makes it an easy-to-carry and convenient entertainment device. A low-power processor with a unique ventilation design for easy heat dissemination makes it energy efficient too.

INTEX Mini Home Cinema is available in two variants, IT-MHP-1080 and IT-MHP-720 at 4025 and 2875 respectively. IT-MHP-1080 model has a unique feature, it can be connected to both TV and the computer monitor.

Vikram Kalia, GM-Product Management, Intex Technologies said, "People now store a considerable amount of their memories in digital format, family photographs, home videos, music libraries, e-books in PCs and hard drives. A device which can present the digital content in a comfortable living room environment will surely be welcome in the lifestyle of today's consumers."
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