Intel launches 16 new processors, cuts prices of 6 others


5 Aug 2011
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Intel has launched 16 new processors, of which half are new Sandy Bridge or second generation Core processors, and the rest are Pentium and Celeron offerings. The chip giant also announced price cuts for six of its recently released Sandy Bridge offerings.
All this is presumed to be an attempt of keeping alive interest in the Sandy Bridge platform ahead of the AMD Bulldozer launch later this month, and to compete with the AMD Llano Fusion APU, until at least Sandy Bridge Extreme processors, and the Ivy Bridge lineup make it to retail shelves.

The price cuts are minimal, anywhere between $11 and $14, or a 2% to 6% drop that probably won’t make much difference to consumers when building or upgrading their PCs – no-one should let a mere ten dollars to sway their purchasing decision by much more than a hair.
For now, there is no information as to when the new processor models, and the revised prices will hit the Indian market – however, we don’t expect it to take too long, as is usual.

Source : Digit
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