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1 Feb 2019
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Hello everyone,

Keeping guidelines for both forums in sync, we have updated our rules to make them more transparent, and easier to read & understand. Some redundant guidelines are removed and we have also added new ones to keep the forum a great place to share, learn new things and have healthy discussions.

One of the prominent additions is for linking to social media posts. We are aware that such kinds of posts have been an issue for us as they are just links which add little to no value, take additional time to load and sometimes the posts become empty if the source link is deleted. Hence, going forward, all our members have to adhere to the rules related to social media links, making their posts more useful for all of us.

Apart from that, Disputes with moderation are now again placed under a separate heading so that they can be found easily. Numbering is used for rules so that we can quote and refer to them accurately. There are some other minor but important changes as well, please go through the Forum Rules & FAQs page thoroughly to stay in compliance with them.

Stay happy, healthy and keep contributing to the forum 🫶

Team OnlyTech.
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