Discussion i want to buy new laptop... please guide me


27 May 2017
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My 12 year old dell xps laptop in final stage.:confused:
its having some defects from past few years.
still managed to run till now.but yesterday hard disc also crashed.
Smart failure predicted on hard disc .Trying to solve the problem.not rectified yet.
unable to install OS after formatting.
laptop battery also dead... hinges broken... adapter problem and lastly hard disk crash..so its time for new one.
please suggest and guide me to buy good laptop.

1)FULL HD with good display -picture quality.my present Dell XPS having superb display quality.
2)good battery back up.
2)not a game-holic.general usage purpose but not very basic one.
3)price range 40-50k or little higher if it had good specifications.
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thank you.temporarily repaired laptop.
i included your suggestions .
2)8gb ram*
4)full HD
5)backlit keyboard*
6)less than 2kg weight
7)battery backup around 4 hours

8)finger print sensor(optional)
9)fast recharge (optional) i think these 2 make budget another 10k more
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