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How to get the Windows 10 upgrade icon if it's missing


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20 Jul 2014
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Run a quick script, get the missing icon.

We have shown you how to hide or disable the Windows 10 upgrade icon if you have grown tired of seeing it in the system tray. But what if the reverse is true -- the icon is missing and you want to see the icon to reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10 and have the OS automatically download to your system when it's released at the end of July?

If that describes you and your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, there is a batch script available on Dropbox that will install the icon. Here's how:

1. Download the ZIP file from Dropbox.

2. Extract the file from the compressed folder. You will have exacted a single file, a Windows Batch File titled win10fix_full.

3. Right-click on the file, select Run as administrator and then click the Run button to open the file.

4. With the file running, press any key to continue twice to get to the Main Menu.

5. Press 1 and Return to run an update status check to make sure your system is up to date.

6. With your system up to date, you will have three options to add the Windows 10 upgrade icon to the system tray. In my case, 2) Quick-Method #1 did the trick for my Windows 8.1desktop that lacked the icon.

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