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How To Connect LG LED TV To PC ?


7 Oct 2011
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Greetings to all dear DDFzens

* My LG TV has AV, Component (YPbPr), Cable/ Antenna, HDMI Input.
* It has VGA (D-Sub) but it's 'Service Only'
(I recently came to know that)
* My PC has ONLY VGA Output, NO HDMI, NO DVI.

* Buying High Price Graphics Card for HDMI is NOT my cup of tea.

Now tell me, how to connect my TV with the PC.

My Monitor is gone forever due to continuing Thunderstorms and lighting.

What to do?
Your valuable inputs are most welcome.

1. Buying VGA to HDMI Cable may be solution but I doubt if it would work.
(Currently, when I connect VGA Port of TV while RCA Cable installed for STB, I get blurry output of PC in black and White only. I can Log In and Log Out/ Shutdown using Mouse and keyboard through Keyboard​ Windows Logo key and Enter etc from daily experience ofcourse).

2. Buying VGA to HDMI Converter:- I doubt their durability.

3. Graphics cards with HDMI Port:- Too expensive and again, question of durability.

4. Buying another Monitor or TV ?
Is it a good solution ?

5. My Gigabyte H61M S1 motherboard was running fine. For some problems, I bought ASUS H61M CS. I searched my local market for built in HDMI, But never find one.

Please help me.
What should I do ?

If anyone personally own an LG LED TV 20LF460A or Similar and Successfully connected to PC, PLZ guide me.

Thanks in advance.


24 Nov 2014
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Bro, buy VGA to HDMI Cable. If it is not faulty cable, it will work flawlessly.
Of course, you cannot expect durability from such cables unless it is from reputed brand.


Senior Author, OnlyTech
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27 Oct 2016
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Bro you can buy a graphics card. min Price of a graphics card start with Rs. 2000 (not enough for gaming but this will give you a hdmi option + it will free your cpu & ram as integrated graphics is utilizing) graphics card are durable and you will get warranty also. 
Second option is go for monitor. You will get a decent monitor (Don't buy tv chances are you will only get hdmi port) in Rs 6000. Bro, can't trust the quality & pricing of vga to hdmi converter.
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