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Guide How to bookmark posts and threads for quick access later


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27 Oct 2016
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Hello everyone,

We share a lot of useful information here, and some of them are exclusive. Sometimes we keep coming back to a post or a thread, either to access the information or to reply. We do this by using the search feature or by saving the post URL or by locating the post manually. However, there is an easier way to save posts and threads for quick access later.

Here's how to bookmark a post or a thread and access them later

To bookmark a post, click on the bookmark icon above the post. To bookmark a thread, bookmark the first post of the thread.


A small popup will open with options to add a message or labels. After adding a message and labels, click on Save. However, these are optional, and you can bookmark a post even without adding a message or labels.


To access the bookmarks, click on your username beside the message icon on top, and then click on Bookmarks. Alternatively, you can visit https://onlytech.com/community/account/bookmarks to access your bookmarks.


To edit or delete a bookmark, click on the gear icon and select Edit to edit the message or labels, select Delete to remove a bookmark.

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