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14 Oct 2011
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I believe Family Guy DVD has the potential to surpass The Simpsons, both in popularity and funny-ness. I mean, if people stop being so touchy about racial jokes and all that stuff that got some episodes banned, and give it a real chance for several seasons, 24 Hours DVD they will see the true value of this show.
First of all, just the fact that it has so many references to pop culture is a good enough reason to play it over and over. Weeds DVD You don't get all the jokes the first time you watch it, either because you miss the joke while laughing at the previous one, or that you don't know the commercial, movie, event, etc. Grey's Anatomy DVD that the joke is referring to and you don't get it. Second of all, the jokes are beyond hilarious. I can't find the right word for it. I get belly cramps after every show from laughing so hard. CSI Miami DVD Even though the USA is so touchy about racial, religious, and ethnic jokes, it's impossible to laugh at these! For instance, here's a dialogue.
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