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Google updates Hangouts app for Android with 'last seen' timestamp, video filters


30 Aug 2013
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New Delhi: Google has updated the Hangouts app for Android and has added a lot of new features in the
upgraded version including new sticker packs, video filters and the 'last seen' timestamp.

Hangouts users can now give video calls some extra flair with video filters including sepia, vignette, and black and white. Video filters appear with just a single swipe during the call.

The Hangouts app has also been upgraded with the "last seen" timestamp feature. "Last seen" shows when the people you use Hangouts with were last using Hangouts.

You can change your own "last seen" in the Settings.

This feature is similar to the one that users have been using in
WhatsApp for almost a year now.
The "last seen" timestamp will roll out in waves over the next few weeks, so you may not see this feature for all your
contacts right away.

From penguins to pirates, koalas to cats, Google has added 16 new sticker packs to Hangouts to make it easier for users to express themselves.

The new updates will soon be available on the Hangouts iOS
app. http://m.ibnlive.com/news/google-updates-hangouts-app-for-android-with-last-seen-timestamp-video-filters/517967-11.html
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