Google to introduce voice search for desktop users


22 Mar 2011
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Could you imagine that you can search in Google for queries with your voice and not having to type on your keyboard? This could soon become a reality as Google is busy experimenting on its voice search on for desktop users.

Google already has mobile voice search on handsets built on popular platforms like Blackberry, Android and iOS. Google has improved the precision of its voice search product and now it can recognize foreign languages.

A limited number of users are made available to this service for the testing of its new voice search. A little grey microphone is sported at the end of the search box where it instructs the user to 'Speak Now.' It detects the words and transcribes them into a search query.

Ustream Matt Schlicht was one such user who experienced the service and tweeted on his blog that voice search works surprisingly well. However, it feels awkward to use in office.

This new addition can boost the level of Google technology to different heights. Voice search will fetch consumers a different kind of experience. However people who are in love with keyboard will take time to adjust with the new technology. As far as mobiles are concerned voice search makes sense, but not on desktops. However, options are always good.
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