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Google Search will soon suggest how much time you should spend at a popular location


21 Jun 2013
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Google search has been coming up with quite a few new features in recent weeks. Now, a new feature that might be coming up on Google Search could tell you how much time you should invest at a place, a tourist spot specifically. This would help people who want to visit all the tourist spots but are unable to manage their schedule beforehand.

This feature will soon be coming to Google Search and it looks like this will help people in sorting out their visits, PhoneArena reports. Google will now show you the average time needed to spend at a particular place so that you don’t miss out the chance on visiting other must-see places.

The report further elaborates on how this feature would work citing tourist spots in US as examples. This feature will reportedly have a ‘Plan your visit’ option popping up when you’re searching for a place on Google Search. The ‘Plan your visit’ section will show how long people tend to spend time at certain locations.

For example, if you pick Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Google would tell you the estimate time spent there so that you can figure out how much time you should spend in the park. This will help in arranging your schedules and managing your timings as well.

This feature will however be limited to popular tourist destinations and historic places. Google will probably expand it to not just tourist sites but commercial and frequently visited places as it would benefit people in many ways. In addition to this, Google Maps had recently come up with a feature wherein users can add multiple destinations on their route so that they do not have to manually pick out a route for each destination. The plan your visit feature though is restricted to Google Search only and not on Maps which would have been a first guess but it could be likely that it will be integrated on Maps as well.

Google Search will soon suggest how much time you should spend at a popular location | Latest Tech News, Video & Photo Reviews at BGR India
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