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Google+ can now automatically fix up your videos


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6 May 2012
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Recording videos from our mobile devices is easy peasy, thanks to developments in camera sensors and photography apps. But no matter our best efforts and best technology, we sometimes still end up with blurry shots, shaky frames, washed out colors, and dark results. If that is usually your case, Google+ is now providing a one-click solution called Auto Enhance that will, as the name says, try to touch up your recorded video to make them look and sound better than ever before.

Regular content creators on YouTube might already be familiar with how Google's video service tries to also fix up badly recorded videos before it shows them to the world. This new Google+ feature is quite similar, except it's on Google+ and does just a little bit more. It will take a video you've taken and stored on Google's cloud and touch it up with some recommendations. Don't worry though if you don't want to take Google's suggestions. If it finds a video that can use a bit of fixing, it will notify users on the desktop. They will then be presented with a side-by-side video comparing the original and the fixed version, allowing the user to pick which one she would prefer to keep.

Google+'s Video Auto Enhance feature goes beyond video, no matter how contradictory that may sound. And yes, it is all about sound. An upcoming feature will also be able to clear up speech in your videos. No hint yet on when this added feature will be coming.

The drawback? If it's not yet too obvious, this wonderful feature is tied up with Google+, the search giant's attempt at a social networking presence. It also works best on photos and videos you have uploaded through the Auto Backup feature. Of course, if you're knee-deep in Google+ already, those two requirements won't be much of an issue anyway.

Google+ can now automatically fix up your videos - SlashGear
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