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7 Apr 2011
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Priority Inbox

Introduced just last year, Priority Inbox has done more to separate Gmail as an email client than almost any other feature on the list and is a virtual must-have for anyone who gets more than a few dozen emails per day.

Infinite Email Addresses

Your Gmail account doesn’t just come with one email address assigned to it, but with a literally infinite number of potential addresses that you can use

Undo Send

Gmail, like most webmail services, has a strange quirk where sent mail is not immediately pushed out. Since all of the accounts share a single outgoing server, it is instead queued to go out and there is a delay of a few moments, barely noticeable but also very useful.

Canned Responses

Another labs feature, Canned Responses is a powerful tool for anyone who sends out the same or very similar email repeatedly.

Gmail Interface, Your Email Address

Finally, Gmail has the ability to send and receive email at any account that you have. So long as you have POP3 access to the account, Gmail can both send and receive email at that address.
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