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Giphy adds a new tool to save your Vines; here’s how it works


21 Jun 2013
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Twitter broke the bad news to all internet maniacs two days ago about shutting down Vine. Vine stood out with its six-seconds video clips and started a trend which has produced internet stars and also kept us glued to our screens going through the multiple Vines. Twitter announced that shutting down Vine was a part of its restructuring plan and this followed its decision to lay off nine percent of its workforce which amounts to around 350 employees. Even though users can still access and download Vines on the service’s website but they can no longer upload them. While p**nHub took a dig at Twitter by offering to buy Vine, here’s an app that’s preparing to revive Vine in its own way.

In a bid to save Vine lovers, Giphy has introduced a new tool which will allow people to save their Vines in the form of GIFs. In a post on Medium, Giphy says, “We love the loop and that’s why we’ve built an import tool for you to convert your Vines to GIFs!” Giphy further explains that since Vine still commits to its users by letting them download the uploaded Vines, it is adding another tool to keep the six-seconds video trend alive. GIFs do not have audio, but Giphy has gone all the way for Vine lovers by enabling audio for its Vines even though they would be shared as GIFs. Not only this, the Vines saved on Giphy will also have the original link, as Giphy sweetly says, “Same loop..new format.”

To do this, Vine users must create a Giphy account which will then upload all the GIF converted Vines and upload them on the Giphy channel. Only one Vine account is allowed for one Giphy account. After this, users can start transporting the Vines to their Giphy accounts. Giphy is already a massive platform when it comes to GIFs and considering how GIFs are also one crazy trend online, this move can turn out to be pretty good for Vine users. But for those, who still want to continue uploading crazy Vines will probably have to wait for a similar app like Vine or maybe the revival of Vine in itself.

Twitter’s decision of shutting down Vine comes at a time when videos are becoming the main content consumed and sourced in this day and age. With people moving from text to pictures and videos, which become better tools in grabbing attention, shutting down Vines may come as a bad decision. The announcement of Twitter shutting down led to its founder Rus Yusupo tweeting, “Don’t sell your company.” This also led to p**nHub’s dig at Twitter which actually turned out to be hilarious not because a p**n website offered to purchase the company but mainly because of its promise to restore Vine to its ‘NSFW’ glory, saying that six-seconds is “more than enough time for most people to enjoy themselves.”

Vines will be terribly missed online, because these days there’s practically a Vine for everything. While we wait for its revival or for something new to compensate the loss of Vine, head over to Giphy to save your Vines or to witness some of the funnies six second video clips.

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