2 May 2011
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Broadband FAQ

1 What is BSNL DataOne Broadband Service ?
Broadband refers to a connection that has capacity to transmit large amount of data at high speed. Presently a connection having download speed of upto 2 mbps is classified as broadband. When connected to the Internet such a connection allows surfing or downloading much faster than a dial-up or any other narrowband connections.
2 What is ADSL?
ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that allows copper telephone pairs to be used to provide a broadband connection. It provides ‘always-on’ Internet connection that is automatically established once the PC and ADSL modem are switched on and instant log-in procedure is completed.
3 What is ‘always-on’ service? Will there be call charges ?
‘Always-On’ means that the broadband sets up a permanent connection to the Internet that lets you access the Internet as soon as you switch on the computer and the CPE and do an instant log-in with your user name and password. There will be no separate Internet telephone call charges.
4 How fast is ADSL compared to normal dial-up, ISDN and DIAS connection ?
If you are using a connection with 1 Mbps down load speed then you are having a speed that is 17.5 times faster that normal dial-up and about 8 times faster than DIAS & ISDN.
5 What are the benefits of ADSL?
• Fast downloads
• At least 4.5 times and upto 35 times faster than dial-up connection
• Always on connection
• Telephone and Internet access can be used together
• No telephone call charges for internet surfing
• Cost effective way to access Internet
• A host of free content on the web can be downloaded faster
6 Do I need a separate line for ADSL?
No. ADSL can run on your existing basic phone (Bfone) line. If you do not have a Bfone connection then you need to get one from BSNL before you can ask for an ADSL broadband connection.
7 Can I use both phone and ADSL together?
Yes. ADSL uses a different set of frequencies and does not interfere with telephone conversation. Conversely, making a phone call while accessing the Internet does not affect the speed of the ADSL connection.
8 What is a CPE? How do I get it ?
CPE stands for Customer Premise Equipment. This would consist of an ADSL modem/router and a stand-alone or a built-in splitter to separate the telephone and broadband connections.
9 My friend has ADSL but BSNL in my city says I cannot !
These could be the reasons for this. Your distance from the nearest ADSL Central Office equipment (DSLAM) may be beyond the technically permissible limit. Visibly the distance of your house/business may look same to you as your friend’s but it is the actual cable length that counts. Once you apply for a DataOne broadband connection, your line will be tested and you will be informed whether you home/business is covered.
Other reason could be that your friend has a BSNL fixed line phone and you do not have it.
10 What is download / upload ?
When the information flows from somewhere e.g. a web-page or a site to your PC you are “downloading”. On the other hand, when you send information e.g. request for a web-page, you are “uploading”.
11 Why are the download/upload rates different ?
ADSL is an asymmetric technology giving different rates in “down” and “up” directions. This is perfectly fine since we download (browsing, downloading clips, music etc) much more than we upload (a website address, a few clicks etc)
12 What kind of PC do I need to run ADSL?
Most present day configurations will run ADSL. The following minimum is, however, recommended :
Processor 200 MHz (or better)
Operating System Windows 98SE (or higher)
RAM (memory) 32 MB RAM
Free Disk Space 125MB
SVGA monitor CD-ROM Drive
Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket
13 How do I connect to ADSL?
To connect to ADSL you need an ADSL modem/router to be installed at your home/business. On your PC you should have an Ethernet port with RJ45 socket. Some ADSL modems have a USB port and you could connect these modems to the USB port of you computer.
14 What is a splitter ? Do I need one ?
If at your home/business, the same line is used for voice and data then you need to separate out these signals by using a splitter. The splitter will have one output for your telephone and one or more for the ADSL modem which in turn connects to your computer.
15 How do I install ADSL?
Once your connection comes through, an installation pack consisting of the CPE and installation guide will be sent to you. If you have requested BSNL for installation, a technician will visit and complete the installation for you.
16 What is an IP address ?
When you are connect to the Internet, your PC is automatically allocated an IP (Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are two types of IP addresses, dynamic and static. Dynamic IP changes from session to session while static always remains same.
16 What is the difference between DataOne home and DataOne business ?
Both of these connections offer high speed Internet access respectively for home and office environment. In DataOne for business, connecting more than one computer may be allowed along with other possible features like extra email addresses, domain name, web hosting space as and when introduced.
17 Can I change from one Broadband data rate to another?
Yes, on payment of requisite charge.
18 How about Broadband Plans and Pricing ?
Please click here for details.
19 How do I get the connection ?
Fill up a registration form and deposit at BSNL customer centers. These forms are available on the BSNL web-site, from customer service centers and franchisees.
20 What happens if I shift my premises ?
ADSL connection is given for a particular BSNL fixed line. If you move, ADSL can be shifted to a BSNL line in the new location subject to availability of broadband services in that area and payment of shifting charges.
21 I usually delete junk mails in my mail box without opening them. Do the deleted mails add up to my download data ?
No. Any request (click) you make from your browser uploads some data. Usually upload data is much less than download data. If you use webmail ( like hotmail, Yahoo or rediff mail ), your mails reside on the mail server. If you delete them without opening they are not downloaded and hence don' t contribute download amount.

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