Esim and headphone issues with Pixel 4a

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20 Feb 2017
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Not sure if this is the right way to post, but thought of getting suggestions from Tech Gurus in the forum.

My 13 days old device is behaving crazy. When a headphone is plugged in, it doesn't work as expected. I have Jio as esim and Airtel as a physical sim. I'm facing two issues.

1. When a headphone is plugged in, it works for videos played and audio songs. But when a call comes (physical sim, esim won't work with headphones) it goes to loudspeaker mode. Of you try to unplug and plug-in, we get the call audio for a second and then back to the loudspeaker.

2. When a headphone is plugged in, Esim won't work for calls. It will show the signal and the internet will work. When I have a headphone plugged in and someone tries to call me, they will get an out of coverage area message. If I try to make a call from esim that time, it just drops. Feels like Volte is getting affected at that time.
Also when a headphone is plugged in, the phone shows a TTY symbol. Is this supposed to be that way?
Ohh, I'm such an id*ot. It worked. I was relating it with Volte, Thank you so much @Siva bro. 💕💕💕
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