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Dropbox Family Plan

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Family plans rolling out

Dropbox has started to invite users to sign up for family plans, at a rate of $203.88/year. You get 2TB of cloud storage, and up to six people get their own separate accounts (with the option to create shared directories).


That's twice as expensive as the 2TB Google One plan (which can be shared with up to five other people), which costs $99.99/year. The Microsoft 365 Family subscription is also $99.99/year and comes with 1TB of storage per person (up to 6TB in total), plus access to the desktop and mobile Office applications. Dropbox's option doesn't appear to be incredibly compelling, unless Dropbox has features you need that aren't available from the competition.

Dropbox begins rolling out pricey family plan following massive feature update
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