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Donald Trump praises Narendra Modi, says will apply Indian PM's policies if elected

Shiva mahesh

3 Dec 2015
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New Delhi: The Republican Party nominee for the President of the United States election and real estate businessman Donald Trump has praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and promised a close relationship with India if elected to power in the upcoming elections.

He made these statements while addressing a Hindu community gathering in the US. Trump’s image is that of an anti-Muslim

He is fighting against Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, an American politician and the Democratic Party nominee

He said that if he becomes President of US, he will apply PM Modi’s policies in the country. Trump met Indians living in America’s New Jersey. A charity program was organised here for Hindus affected by terrorism. The Republican Hindu Coalition hosted the event, “Humanity United Against Terror”.

On the occasion, Trump appeared on full Hindu fever

He lighted the lamp at the commencement of ceremony (a Hindu tradition) and showered his love for Hindu community

“The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House, that I can guarantee,” said Trump and added “I have great confidence in India. Incredible people, incredible country.”

He further said,”Generations of Indian and Hindu Americans have strengthened our country. Your values, your handwork, education, and enterprise have truly enriched our nation.”

Republican nominee said-“After becoming President, I want to work like PM Narendra Modi.” While praising Modi he said, “The way Modi is bringing changes in India, in the same way, America also needs changes.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Donald J. Trump, reportedly, has a strong following by the Hindu community. They believe Trump is a leader who will protect India and fight terrorism.

The presidential election is due to take place on 8th November in America

However, till now, in debates, he is running behind Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump praises Narendra Modi, says will apply Indian PM's policies if elected

Sai Jai

5 Jan 2015
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To crab NRI Votes :wall .. Previously he said India Youngsters are crabing American's Job :angry:damn:wall ..
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