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Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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This thread could be used for general discussion on Online Learning( Education ) services , MOOCS & Ed-tech apps/platforms. have mentioned three words as people use in interexchange though it varies only slightly (MOOC & Ed tech) whether it's MOOCS ( massive open online courses -) example coursera , edex, furelearn, swayam, skillshare ,udemy, youtube etc. or ed-tech like upgrad, simplilearn - share which course or platform you are currently using - give your suggestion and reviews for same which includes its both pros and cons of the course content and whether it is for beginners /intermediate/professionals.

Considering along with streaming services, for upskilling people have also started using online learning services - it would be useful if fellow members would also share what courses are they currently pursuing or which learning platform they would recommend/suggest to other members for upskilling .

suggestions & reviews of the courses of the platform they would like to recommend other members - is it would be useful for all fellow members
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