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Delhi, 5 other states put on high alert over possible Pakistan revenge strike


24 Mar 2015
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NEW DELHI: Anticipating a strike by
Pakistan-based terror outfits in the
country, particularly the metros, in
the aftermath of
Army's surgical strikes
in PoK, the home ministry on Friday
issued an alert seeking stepped up
vigil at strategic installations,
industrial complexes, crowded
places, airports, historical
monuments and government
buildings across the country.
The alert identified Delhi, along
with Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu &
Kashmir, Maharashtra and Gujarat as
possible targets.
Intelligence sources, citing credible
inputs, said there was a strong
possibility of Pakistan's ISI directing
a highly motivated and
heavily armed terror cell
to carry out a strike in the capital. A
hunt has been launched for
suspected terrorists, pushed into
J&K some time ago, who have now
been asked to carry out a swift
retaliatory strike against the
Indian raid on terror launch pads in
Sources said the prospect of
Pakistan's military-intelligence
combine seeking to avenge the
surgical strikes by India was
reviewed at an hour-long meeting
home minister Rajnath Singh held
with the intelligence and security
brass on Friday.
Home minister
Rajnath Singh held a security review
on Friday where intelligence inputs
on the "serious" threat of a
spectacular strike by fidayeen
hiding in the country or likely to
enter through the land borders or
the sea route, was discussed. The
home ministry advisory said
Pakistan-backed terror outfits may
try to execute a major "revenge"
strike in the coming days.
Sources said participants in the
review meeting — national security
advisor AK Doval, home secretary
Rajiv Mehrishi and chiefs of
Intelligence Bureau and RAW — also
examined the possibility of
terrorists targeting private
enterprises to avenge the Indian
Besides fidayeen strikes involving
Pakistani terrorists who have
infiltrated, the meeting also took
into account the possibility of
attacks by jihadi cells comprising
radicalised locals promoted by ISI as
part of Pakistan's "proxy war"
against India. The threat posed by
these groups has decreased since
some of their cells were neutralized
while others switched their
allegiance to Islamic State. But local
sleeper cells which take their cue
from ISI have not been totally
eliminated and could be activated,
the agencies fear.
The fact that October is packed with
festivals was highlighted in the
advisory which sought tighter
police bandobast at crowded places
and puja pandals. Apart from this,
CISF has been tasked with
tightening security at airports and
monuments such as Taj Mahal and
Red Fort. Tighter access control has
been sought at all buildings
housing key government offices,
particularly in the national capital.
An intelligence officer said the state
of high alert across the country may
continue through October. "A
retaliation by Pakistan to the
surgical strikes is foreseen over the
next 10-15 days. However, given
that Diwali falls on October 30, the
alert will last till then," he said.

India High Alert: Delhi, 5 other states put on high alert over possible Pakistan revenge strike


24 Mar 2015
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Be careful and safe friends.. :( :(

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