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Debit card breach: Over 6 lakh State Bank of India customers to get new ATMs soon

21 Jun 2013
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The State Bank of India has dispatched over 6 lakh debit cards and its customers are likely to get it very soon.

Following the recent incident of over 3 million debit cards falling under security breach, the SBI has moved swiftly to contain the damage and replace them as the earliest possible.

According to The Times of India report, the State Bank has dispatched over 6.29 lakh and will be delivered very soon to its customers.

"A total of 95.5% of the blocked cards were dispatched by October 26. For the rest, we are trying to get their contact details because they failed to update their information with the respective branch," the TOI quoted Manju Agarwal, deputy MD, corporate strategy & new business, SBI, as saying.

"Such customers can also approach the branch to get their details updated and get a new card," Agarwal added.

On October 19, SBI said it has blocked over 600,000 debit cards of its customers following a suspected security breach adding that it will issue fresh cards to them.

The malware-related security breach was reportedly detected in the non-SBI ATM network and the move is intended to ensure that customer`s confidential personal data is not compromised while swiping.

Later it was reported that over 30 lakh debit cards in India were exposed to security risk while the police claim that the number of cards affected or compromised could be as high at 60 lakh.

Debit card breach: Over 6 lakh State Bank of India customers to get new ATMs soon | Zee News
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