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Current Indian team will dominate world cricket for next decade: Sachin Tendulkar


21 Jun 2013
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Legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar seems to be highly impressed by the current Indian Test team led by Virat Kohli.

Tendulkar, who is in attendance to witness India's first Test against New Zealand at Uttar Pradesh's Green Park Stadium, has termed the current lot as "fabulous" and believes that they have the potential to call the shots in the world of cricket for the next decade or so.

"We have a fabulous combination." Tendulkar told Ravi Shastri during an interview on Thursday. "The best part about all these players is that they are young and they will play for a while. I see this team playing together for 8-10 years and dominating world cricket," he said.

However, the 43-year-old added that the rosy future of Indian cricket depends on the condition that the players maintain their fitness level and there're not many changes in the team combination. Though, he concedes that there will be a few necessary changes along the way. "We have the firepower, balance is really nice. If we continue to stick to these players, obviously there will be few changes here and there, but if players are fit, in proper shape and condition, we have bright days ahead," he said.

In the recent years, cricket, especially its limited-overs formats, has quickly become a batsman's game and Tendulkar wants the administrators of the game to change the anomaly. "There has to be a nice balance between bat and ball. The balance is not right as it's too much in favour of batsmen, to be fair. In T20s, batters go after bowlers. 300 is no more a safe target in ODIs. There has to be a format, where bowlers dominate the bat," he said.

BCCI has invited several former India cricketers as part of its celebration of the country's 500th overall Test currently underway in Kanpur. Of these 500 Tests, Tendulkar has been a part of 200 matches or in other terms has been part of 40 percent of them. "Being part of history, I would like to believe, we have also been able to influence the next generation and leave some impression behind."

Sachin Tendulkar: Current Indian team will dominate world cricket for next decade: Sachin Tendulkar - Times of India
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