Create a Blog Post in Microsoft Word 2010


7 Apr 2011
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Here is the steps>>>>>>

Choose The Blog Post Template

Starting out is just like starting any other new document. You’re going to go to File, New and then choose Blog Post (under available templates). Then, click on the Create button.

Register Your Blog

You’ll then be prompted to register your blog now or later. It’s probably best to just go ahead and get this out of the way now. Click on the Register Now button and follow the prompts. First you’ll need to select your blog provider. As you can see below, there are quite a few options available. Then, you’ll enter your URL and login details and Word will connect to your blog.


Setup Picture Options (Optional)

If you happen to choose one of the other options, like Blogger for instance, you will have to setup your Picture Options. Luckily this is not an issue with WordPress, since the My Blog Provider option will already be selected (the options you see in the image below are for Blogger). So, you can just skip this step, unless you want to host your images somewhere else besides your WordPress blog server.


Enable Remote Publishing

You may already have this enabled, if so then you can skip this step also. If not, then you’ll also need to make sure that you enable Remote Publishing on your WordPress blog. If you don’t do this, then Microsoft Word will not be able to connect to your account and you won’t be able to publish.

This is a simple step. You’ll have to login to the dashboard (/wp-admin) and go to the Settings category. From here, click on Writing and then look under the Remote Publishing options as seen below. Select the check-box next to XML-RPC to enable publishing from any 3rd party applications (including Word).


Publish Your Blog Post

Once you’re done with your blog post, you can choose to publish it or save as a draft. Unfortunately, Microsoft Word still doesn’t let you add things like tags, custom fields, SEO options, etc; so it is probably a good idea to choose the Publish As Draft option so that you can add those things and then publish from your blog. You can however add a category (as you can see below). The category shows as if it’s in the post, but when published it will not appear in the post.


To see how my test post came out, you can view it on my test blog. Most of the formatting came out correct (except for small caps). Plus you can even add screen clippings from your computer as well as charts, tables, WordArt and more.
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