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Discussion Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak, Spreads Globally


14 Jan 2018
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There is another problem of asymptomatic covid. 😰. This isn't the 2020 India abdul kalam imagined. What a sh#tty year....and it will get even worse with looming recession. Hard to stay optimistic these days.


23 Dec 2015
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Please share info related to COVID-19 and keep your personal opinions to yourself guys. Keep the thread clean of political and religious non sense

Unsubscribing this thread for now to stay away from the upsetting news of COVID and views of fellow members against any community. Atleast i dont need that in my life. Peace out!
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Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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guys , Do watch this video , you might have seen this video - was shared in social media - video source- NHK World japan but was shared by other persons on YouTube & other channel , tried searching in official channel only 1 minute video was there thought to share this. in this they show how it spreads through micro droplets in air. they used high powerful camera , using experiment they are showing the impact how it affects


Anish Pai

1 May 2011
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5th april ,sunday, at 9 pm, keep all light off in house, stand at balcony , keep candle , torch , mobile flash light On for 9 minute : Modi

It will able to break the corona Chain : Modi
Now what kind of superstition is this ?o_O:huh:
You are taking it in a wrong way. He didn't say that will make the virus go away.

He said it's for those who feel they have no one and who feel let down, doing this will increase positivity.

Prayer to God is not some joke dude, looks like u didn't hear him.

Turning off lights during earth day is modern, but doing it to remove negatively is not modern???
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